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Wedding Registry Guide: Post Wedding Edition

Building your wedding registry? Check this Wedding Registry Guide! Here you will find 13 absolute things you should put on your wedding registry!
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Haley Donaldson

Nine Fall Favorite Things

Who doesn't love favorite things? Here is a list of the things that I am currently loving & I would love to share them with you! From favorite snack…
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Haley Donaldson

Jesus & The Lighthouse.

Jesus is the light in our life. He glows within our hearts. Even in the storms, Jesus will stand. Brightly. Boldly. Unshakeable.
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Haley Donaldson

Season of Rejection

Naturally, we face rejection. Rejection stings our hearts, but it directs our souls to our greater & clearer purpose.
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Haley Donaldson

10 Lessons Being a College Athlete Taught Me

10 lessons that I learned from being a D1 athlete that molded me into the disciple I am today, and can help you grow your faith too!
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Haley Donaldson


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