Simple Guide to Sourdough
Want to start making sourdough, but feel overwhelmed by all the noise on the internet on how to start the sourdough journey? Check this blog out for a simple guide to start your sourdough! It will be worth it! Read more
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Sourdough Simple Guide
FREE PRINTABLE! Click to grab your free printable on a simple sourdough guide. Great booklet to give to friends and family! Read more
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Cloud in the Sky, peaceful. Blue with white cloud
Does your mind ever burn with the negative "what ifs?" We have the mind of Christ, and our what ifs can be turned for good. As followers of God, we don't need to sit and stir about the anxiety & worries, rather we get to cast our cares onto the Lord, the great Father. Read more
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Wedding Registry Guide: Post Wedding Edition

Building your wedding registry? Check this Wedding Registry Guide! Here you will find 13 absolute things you should put on your wedding registry! Read more
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Easy & Cheap DIY Valentine’s Garland to Decorate Your Home!

Freeze Dried Strawberries Make for a cheap and easy Valentine's Garland
A garland for $3.99? Cheap and Easy DIY for Valentine's Day! Bonus, this garland is so cute & just the perfect simple touch to make your house ready for Valentine's Day! Read more
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Nine Fall Favorite Things

Who doesn't love favorite things? Here is a list of the things that I am currently loving & I would love to share them with you! From favorite snack to favorite worship song to favorite recipes! Here are nine fall favorites that you need to check out! Read more
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Are We Ready for The Bride of Christ?      

A heavenly wedding is waiting before us. Jesus is our bridegroom. Jesus is coming back for His Bride. We are the bride. He is coming back for us... the church. We have been separated, but we will be connected in the greatest love story of all, soon. Read more
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A Whisper: The Love Language of God.      

white shed with greenery, and a brick path
Having a hard time hearing the voice of God? It is all about intimacy. The intimacy of drawing near to Him to hear His whispering language. Read more
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What Happens When we Pour Out Our Worship & Offerings at the Feet of Jesus?       

Are you pouring out offerings? Do you desire to worship the feet of Jesus? Would you pour out perfume for Jesus? Mary in John 12 is a glorious example of pouring out for Jesus. So much so the entire house smelled of her fragrance of adoration. Read more
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The Spirit of the Love Holiday      

gold balloon that spell "love" on a white background
Valentine's Day is full of romantic chaos, but it can be a special reminder of the deepness & vastness love of our Lord. The Bible is the greatest love story to ever exist. Read more
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