Freeze Dried Strawberries Make for a cheap and easy Valentine's Garland

Easy & Cheap DIY Valentine’s Garland to Decorate Your Home!

Welcome to the sweet month of February! Good ole’ Valentine’s Day! As a newlywed & brand new home owner, tight budgets tend to be a well known facet of a young couple. It comes with fun challenges finding how to decorate our home on a budget & with minimal time. This DIY comes in handy for anybody looking to celebrate love in a new way, as it is cute as heck. But especially for those who want to spend little effort & little money!

Exchange those Christmas Orange Slice Peels for Strawberries

Freeze Dried Strawberries on countertop, getting ready for garland

The inspo for this project came to me while shopping at Trader Joe’s. I walked by freeze dried strawberries for $2.99 and BAM, it hit me. I love those organic orange slices for Christmas, and I always get sad having to pull them down, unable to savor them until the next winter season. But how about freeze dry strawberries for Valentine’s day? Not only could I afford to make this garland, but if it works, it would add pops of red & pink to my house. So in the cart the freeze dried strawberries went.

I grabbed a pink yarn and a threading needle. And I pierced through the strawberries. I was most nervous about how fragile freeze dried fruits can be, but it worked! I only broke a few of the small strawberries, so I would definitely recommend picking the bigger and thicker strawberries out of the bag.

Supplies for This Cute Valentine’s Garland

Here is your supply list to make this organic and wholesome garland!

  • A bag of freeze dried strawberries
  • A thin pink or red yarn (fishing line works great too)
  • Threading needle
  • Tape (for hanging the garland up)


Take individual strawberries and thread the needle through the center. Do this process slowly and gently, as freeze dried fruit is more fragile and has the texture of a chip! String as many as you would like. More strawberries for a longer piece, and less strawberries for a shorter piece of garland!

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