Nine Fall Favorite Things

Who doesn’t love the fall months? The brisk air blowing through, wanting us to pull up cozy blankets to snuggle with a warm cup of coffee. Boy isn’t summer so much fun & packed with sunshine, but fall has the sweetness of coziness & gathering vibes that I just adore. As we enter these “ber” months, I wanted to share with you some favorites of mine that I hope you too would enjoy in this season before we see the cold, cold winter months.

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Favorite Snack: Soley Fruit Jerky… I get these from Costco. They are a true dried fruit stick with no additives or gross things in them. I always throw these in my work bag on my way out the door & it always curbs those afternoon sweet tooth cravings!

Favorite Worship Song: Simple Gospel by United Pursuit… I have listened to this song non-stop for quite a few days… I just love the idea of being in friendship with the Lord. Listening to this song just connects me to the Heavenly Father, and immediately soothes my heart. Highly recommend adding this song to your current playlist!

Favorite Drink: Some of you gals are going to cause a ruckus for this one.. but I am not the biggest pumpkin spice latte girly. I’ll order a pumpkin spice latte once a season to join the bandwagon for funzies. But on a serious note, I am loving London Fogs. It is earl grey tea, hot water and then half & half poured in. My sweet kick to it is adding some lavender syrup to it. I have been craving this cup of tea all the time. It is so cozy, yet so refreshing. Come join on the London Fog wagon with me!

Favorite Beauty: A wet brush. I have been using wet brush for years now, and nothing gets my hair tangles out like this brush. My old one was due for the trashcan, so I got a new one at Target. And it reminded me of how much I love this hair tool! It gets all the tangles out, especially with wet hair after the shower. It is gentle, yet gets the job done.

Favorite Fashion: Cameo hats. I don’t know what it is, but I seriously love cameo. Cameo jackets and cameo hats. Instant coziness & cabin vibes. In the fashion world, cameo is more likely a no-go, but I will love me some cameo.

Book I am currently reading: The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield. It is currently free on audible, and I have loved every page of it thus far. It tells a true story of a radical unbeliever falling in love with Jesus because of incredibly generous hospitality next door. This has convicted my heart to honor the gift of hospitality and what it can provide for the Kingdom of Heaven. Please add this book to your upcoming book list!

Favorite Activity: Mountain Drives. Simple activity that is free, and often forgotten about. I have realized the beauty and time that is captured traveling inside a vehicle. If you are looking for something more adventurous, try buying a train ticket through the mountains. Taking a scenic drive is peaceful & provides quality time away from a hectic life.

Favorite Purchase: Kraft Paper Journals from Amazon. I love these because it comes with a good price & a bulk size. I love these kraft paper journals for my “brain dumping”. I keep one in my office, one in my kitchen, one in my car, etc. I can pour out all the thoughts, prayers, relevations, lists & dump in on a page. Hence why they call it a brain dump! Additionally, I listen to audible books now, which I love to write down quotes from the book that stood out to me. Normally with a paperback, I am able to underline or highlight those quotes. But audible saves spaces and clears out my bookshelves that are much needed!

Favorite Decor: Pampas Grass. Specifically, I got my pampas grass from Hobby Lobby and I adore them. Originally, we got them for our wedding, but I kept them for fall decor around our house. I love the texture they bring to a room. I bought the big ones at Hobby Lobby, and then cut them down to vase size. If you need to spruce up your room with something other than pumpkins & gourds, trying placing pampas grass around!

What to Bake: Sourdough Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls from Farmhouse on Boone. So fall-licious! I have loved making these this fall. Take caution of the time it takes to make sourdough cinnamon rolls… it is a bit of a process. But totally worth it. Also, make sure the middle cinnamon rolls are cooked fully through… as I did not do the greatest job on that myself. 😀 I also am a HUGE fan of Farmhouse on Boone recipes– never had a bad item come out!

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