To the Girl Who Needs Encouragement: How to BUST open a life slump!

Are you feeling like you are in a slump lately? You are trying to keep moving forward, but life is “eh.” You are emotionally drained, or perhaps experiencing burnout. Maybe you feel so overwhelmed with emotions; you honestly don’t know what you are feeling. Too many emotions, and too many things on the to-do list that feel never-ending. 

Well, these are words for you. I pray that these words bring peace to your heart and even motivate you to fight on through the slump. I was a softball player growing up, and there was this term called a “hitting slump.” A hitting slump means that for a long stretch of at-bats, you always got out. Either by popping up the ball, or striking out. Hitting slumps is one of the most mentally exhausting things a ball player has to endure because it just simply sucks. It is emotionally and mentally wearing. 

Life slumps suck too. But just like a “hitting slump”, the best thing to do is to keep showing up. In the game of baseball & softball, the hitter who is in the slump has to keep swinging the dang bat until something gets through the infield. Like a hitter, you must keep swinging in life. A hitter may go into practice, and re-adjust a few things & go back to fundamentals. A hitter may take a day off to mentally reset & do things that help restart their mental process. It is a personal process to decide what is needed for a particular slump.

Life brings different slumps, and it can be frustrating to overcome. The question is how do we BUST open a life slump? Each slump has a key to bust it open. Sometimes it takes a few days, and maybe a few months to bust open a burnout & emotionally draining season. Here are FIVE tips to help get YOU out of a slumpy season:

1.) Have One or Multiple SLOW mornings

A slow morning has been essential to reconnecting and recentering in my life. I strongly encourage you to take your time in the morning. Too often, our days are so rushed and routine that we forget to be in their presence. 

If you can’t take a slow morning during the week, then plan it for the weekend. A slow morning includes taking your time to make a warm cup of coffee and a nourishing breakfast. Open up your bible and sit in stillness for however long you need. Take time for yourself to do the things you enjoy. Watch the sunrise. Play with your pets. Get off social media, and work on being in the very present moment. Feel the warmth of your coffee, feel your teeth chewing yummy foods, and feel how cozy your dog feels & laugh when the dog gives you a slobbery kiss.  Take the time to pick out your favorite T-shirt or get ready for the day. Wash your face with cold water, and put on fresh makeup. 

          Having a slow morning lets you take a deep breath and be in the presence of simply living. God talks in slow mornings, and it is so good for your heart, soul, and mind.

2.) Do Something Creative

You do not have to be artistically gifted or a rock-star creative to make something for yourself and/or others. Break open some crayons, watercolor, clay,  glitter, or paint & splatter out your thoughts and emotions. Just let it all go onto the canvas. Or bake something in the kitchen to enjoy with your family. There is something about your family loving the treats you just baked. Plan out your garden scape, and plant some seeds. It is so fun to help give life to a seedling.  Do whatever is creative for you to help bust open your life slump.

3.) Dial Back Your Schedule

Sometimes I find myself easily getting into slumps when I am overwhelmed. Requests from my boss, requests from family and friends, church & ministry on top of everyday life things-to-do. It can get overwhelming when you are unintentionally overbooking your schedule. It is okay to take breaks, so you can take care of your heart and your needs. I used to believe that it was selfish to take time for myself, only to find out that my worst self is when I am overwhelmed & overbooked. My best self comes from taking the time to take care of myself. Your people will thank you if you dialed back a scale to recharge. Trust me. When I can, I take breaks where it is needed.

It is okay to say no. (this does not permit you to say no to everything and everyone now :D). It gives you permission in knowing that when you are burnt out, it is okay to say no to the extra to-dos you put on your list so that you can get back to your best self!

4.) Take Walks

A fun fact I heard the other day, is that Jesus walked about 3,000 miles during His 3 years of ministry. There is power in taking a walk and disconnecting. Fresh air and scenic views bring peace into our hearts. Walking has brought fresh ideas & provides opportunities to tap into my thoughts & prayers. I encourage you to take a quick walk around the block to reset mentally or go on a long walk if time allows and reap the benefits of walking.

5.) Write Down Your Thoughts

Journal. For the longest time, I would not journal because I had the excuse that I don’t have time for it. Try writing down your thoughts, stressors, and the things you are grateful for. One journaling exercise that has helped me get out of a life slump is a two-bubble design. Draw one bubble and list all the things that bring joy to your life. Every little thing. Then, draw the second bubble, and list all the things that are stressful, tiring, & the things that do not bring joy to your life. Reflect and process your thoughts. Physically writing and journaling give you the time to visually see what is going on in your slump. Then come up with a game plan to minimize the not-so-joyful bubble. Strategize how to maximize your joyful bubble, and discover what you need more & less of. Give journaling a try!

With all my heart,


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