Wedding Registry Guide: Post Wedding Edition

WHOOP! You are getting married!! And you get to do such a fun thing, and that is mapping out your wedding registry for all your guests who can’t wait to spoil on you guys! I remember feeling a little overwhelmed when I first did our registry checklist, and thinking “what do we really need?.” So here is a small guide to help make sure you get your wedding registry actually gets used! This is a guide by a couple who have been married almost a year, and this wedding registry items actually get used! Let me know what you think!!

Shark Navigator Vacuum 

Everyone was raving about the Dyson vacuum, however we researched and found that the Shark Navigator vacuum was in the top rankings as well, and for a much better price. Now it doesn’t have all the crazy functions of a Dyson, but we simply needed a good solid vacuum for our home. When you are making your wedding registry, don’t forget to add a vacuum to the list so you have something to clean your home with after the honeymoon. It is so much fun to see a big box delivered on your front door step from a sweet relative or friend that wanted to gift you this house necessity!

Necessary Wedding Registry Item: Our Shark Navigator Vacuum

Fiesta Ware Dishes

Talk about high quality dishware. To be honest, I wanted a cute and expensive set from Crate and Barrel. A stoneware set, but additionally, we knew the reputation Fiestaware had, so we added those to our registry. We found some at a nearby garage sale before our wedding and picked up some fun colored sets! For our registry, we registered for the black dishes, and we absolutely love them. We use them every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are our go-to! Out of this list, I will probably say that these are the most used wedding registry item. 

A Double Seater Camping Chair

Okay… this was a fun, fun item we put on our wedding registry. It wasn’t a need, but it was a big want. A double seater camping chair was gifted to us from fellow camper friends. This is my favorite fun wedding registry gift that we received. We got to go on our first camping trip as newly weds, and we got to sit together in this double wide camping chair. It even has a wine holder on each side– it holds the neck of your plastic wine cup. (or if you’re risky, your nice wine glass). Our puppy absolutely loves this chair when we bring it camping. Oh, and fun fact, it was our couch for a few months before we found a couch…welcome to being newlyweds & moving in together!

Most Fun Wedding Registry Item: Double Wide Camping Chair!

Electric Spin Scrubber

Similar to the vacuum, this is a cleaning item that I found myself reaching for when we first started our cleaning chores in our new house. This spin scrubber is a lifesaver. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is another thing you have to remember to charge… It is such a drag when you get your cleaning self in alignment to find out that your spin scrubber is dead. But recently,  I have found that even though it is dead, I will still use it to scrub.

There are different intensity levels of the scrubbing, which has helped me so much when I need to get the nasty stuff out of our shower. What I also love about this scrubber is that it doesn’t get dirty fast. We have used it plenty of times, and it is still white, as this was a hesitation I had when we first saw the scrubber head was white. If you have dirty bathrooms or want to deep clean your showers, this device with some white vinegar & castile soap will be your game-changer.


I didn’t think of putting games on our wedding registry until a friend did so on hers, and I am so glad we did. Games are such a fun present to receive as a bride. We got to have a drawer full of card games and the start to our game collection. It is handy dandy when you start inviting your people over for dinners & game nights. Oftentimes, I think games are a forgotten wedding registry gift, but they add a nice touch to other necessities.  We traveled with the games to our honeymoon that we received at the bridal shower, and it provided us with such enjoyment & entertainment. 


  This is the most legendary wedding registry item to give someone. Please make sure your bride has a crockpot, and if she doesn’t, please make sure she is gifted one. Bonus wedding registry item would not only be a crockpot, but a vintage crockpot. Why? Because vintage crockpots have yet to die. My grandparents, in-laws’, parent’s crockpots are still running. However, if you wanted something new, we registered for a Cuisnart Crockpot and she gets used 3 times a week on average. It is so convenient as a newlywed couple to have a crockpot because nothing beats having a healthy dinner ready to go without much preparation or effort.

Laundry Hamper Organizer

This changed the laundry game. It keeps you organized with colors, darks, whites & towels. Due to this organization, I feel like it makes laundry more in order & less demanding when it is already sectioned into different loads. It makes the chores throughout the week much easier. I would say this is the best hack we found in doing our laundry & could not recommend it enough to someone else to put it on their wedding registry!

Waterproof Shower Notepads

Talk about a never-thought-about-before wedding registry gift. These are another favorite of ours, and such a sweet delight to add to your day. We put these on our wedding registry page, but did not receive them. So on amazon prime day, I snagged them up! We use them all the time and they live in our shower as they suction onto the shower wall. You get to write notes to each other and it is so sweet to wake up & shower to find your note from your spouse. These are affordable, and add a little spark of fun to your lives! Also, don’t the best ideas sometimes come in the shower? You can write them on these too 😉

Shower Notepads! So fun to pass notes and write down cute thoughts!

Dry Erase Magnetic Calendar

Another big organization hack that has helped our lives more than we ever could have thought. We bought these colorful calendars for our refrigerator and they help us stay on track as a family! This pack also comes with markers and an eraser. It helps us see our monthly schedule as well as weekly schedule. This wedding registry item has been a crucial key in our communication of the upcoming schedule!  Truly, it has helped us map out what needs to be done & what we have going on which is big for menu planning, hosting friends, & sharing meals with our family!

Bissel Pet Cleaner

Funny story. I put this on our registry with hopes to get a puppy soon(ish). Every influencer talks about how incredible this cleaner is, and I simply just wanted a good poo-poo & pee-pee cleaner to have for when we get a puppy. Turns out, we unexpectedly got a puppy one week after our wedding (such a crazy cool story). My husband’s coworkers bought us this pet cleaner after they found out we were getting a puppy. The puppy never had a single accident until this pet cleaner showed up. The day the pet cleaner was gifted to us was the same day our puppy discovered a new room in the house with previous pet stains & started to mark his territory… so i got to test out the pet cleaner right away :D. And it works. Wonders. If you have pets of any kind, you need this handy. 

Wedding Registry Item for Pet Lovers: Bissell Pet Cleaner

Pizza Stone

Who doesn’t love a good pizza stone? Another well-used wedding registry item that we used. For sourdough pizzas that we make weekly as well as chocolate chip cookies and frozen fries. All the things in between. A pizza stone is a great pan to have because it is so versatile. You should put it on your registry as it is one of those things that can get pricey for a good pizza stone, however it is a fun gift for someone to give to you!


Maybe you are a well-crafted chef that knows how to make dinner on a whim, however as newlyweds, cookbooks help shape your eating and meal habits. Through each cookbook, we have found recipes that we savor and use over & over again. Yes, you can use online recipes, but remember how cute cookbooks are as a decor item?  It is a double bang for your buck for your people to get you cookbooks! 

We asked for fun cookbooks for different things like: camping, bread-making, ice-cream making  as well as cookbooks that will help us with every night dinners like SkinnyTaste, Better Homes, One by LillieEatsandTells. 

Dutch Oven

This gets used so regularly, and it makes me so happy that we asked for it. A wonderful family friend gifted us one as they knew it was going to be an essential piece for us. If you make sourdough bread, you will need a dutch oven, or at least the way I make my sourdough bread. Additionally, a dutch oven is awesome for soups in the fall and winter. It holds so much fluid & veggies. This is a great all-seasonal wedding registry gift and your kitchen will make use of this item!

As far as what stores we registered for, we used Crate & Barrell (my absolute favorite), Amazon, and Home Depot. Home Depot is a great way to include the items your hubby and yourself need for home renovation projects, garage tools, gardening items, etc. Amazon is suitable for most of our wedding guests to shop since it was most recognized & our relatives lived out of state, so easy shipping had to be an option. Lastly, Crate and Barrel was a personal favorite for our design & the experience of shopping in store to build our wedding registry was one of our absolute favorite dates. I highly recommend that you and your spouse take the time to shop inside a store & dream of your new chapter together!

Most Used Kitchen Wedding Registry: A Lodge Dutch Oven

Additional items to think of are Ring cameras, First Aid Kits, Coffee Makers, and a waffle maker for a cute in-home breakfast date night (make sure it is the double sided, so you can whip more waffles out in less time).

I hope this guide helps you out! Happy shopping & planning! Cheers to you two!

Just making sure you know how much I love this camping chair!

With all my love,


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